Welcome to Basel, Switzerland!

On behalf of the organizing committee, we invite you to participate in the 16th World Congress of Bioethics either in person or virtually from 20th to the 22nd of July 2022. During the three days, we seek to bring forth fruitful and exciting discussion on cutting-edge topics in bioethics and important bioethical topics that continue to challenge us. Our congress theme thus is “Bioethics post Covid-19: Responsibility and transparency in a globalized and interconnected world”.

During the three-day congress, we will have the opportunity to not only discuss how our world and bioethics has engaged and evolved in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, but also how this pandemic highlights the value of responsibility and transparency in each of our lives. Despite the new challenges posed by Covid-19, the ethical concerns that bioethicists have sought to address in the past continue to challenge us. We therefore very much welcome discussions on all topics of bioethics that center on responsibility and transparency from the start of life to the end of life, from clinical ethics to public health ethics, and from research ethics to ethics of (new) technologies.

We very much hope to meet and greet young scholars from different corners of the world and facilitate networking opportunities between young researchers and more seasoned bioethicists. The congress is aimed at being a unique setting for networking opportunities as we bringing together the best of a traditional in-person congress combined with the advantages of virtual online sessions.

Help us make the 2022 World Congress a success by submitting your exciting ideas during our abstract submission period. In case we have missed any topics of significance within our congress theme, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Tenzin Wangmo, Chair
Bernice S. Elger, Co-Chair