Submission of abstracts

The submission period for abstracts has ended.

Confirmations have been sent out on November 25th for the World Congress of Bioethics. The abstracts have been accepted with the type of presentation the author has chosen. 

Abstracts for FAB are still being reviewed and will be confirmed within the next weeks. 

Please contact the Registration Office, if you require any further information or have requests regarding your submission.

Information and guidelines on abstract submission


A. World Congress of Bioethics

The theme of the WCB is “Bioethics post Covid-19: Responsibility and transparency in a globalized and interconnected world”. Within this theme, you have the possibility to select from the many topics given below to submit your abstract. In case you are unclear which topic your abstract best fits, please find further information on the topics here. It is possible that we have missed a few important topics and sub-topics, in that case, please use the option 6 “Other” for your abstract.

  1. Bioethics and Covid-19
    1a: Public health during a pandemic
    1b: Responsibility and solidarity in Covid times
    1c: Scientific transparency
  2. Increasing responsibility: Challenges for global bioethics
    2a: Bioethics transcending borders
    2b: Addressing access in an unequal world
    2c: Health research in a globalised world
  3. Making it explicit: The impact of new technologies
    3a: Artificial intelligence and digitalisation of health care
    3b: Reproductive technologies
    3c: Advances in neuroscience
    3d: Ethics of genetics
  4. Whose responsibility? Individual and public obligations
    4a: Marginalised and less-studied populations in bioethics
    4b: Clinical ethics and the role of health care professionals
    4c: Public health ethics
  5. Beyond transparency: rethinking boundaries in bioethics
    5a: Challenging conceptual limits
    5b: Crossing disciplinary boundaries
    5c: Boundaries of the human condition: Cyborgs, transplants and enhancement
    5d: Theory and methodology
  6. Other (please specify using less than 5 words)

The FAB 2022 World Congress theme is "Reimagining Feminist Bioethics"

We welcome submissions on any aspect of feminist bioethics, and we are particularly keen to receive submissions that involve some reimagining of feminist bioethics. Submissions may be theoretical, empirical, or methodological, and will be organized into appropriate thematic strands. Please ensure the title and abstract of your submission clearly convey the main theme of your presentation.

FAB has a strong commitment to embracing contributions from a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, social sciences, critical cultural studies, law, medicine and public health, history, psychology, and others. We also particularly encourage submissions from early career researchers.

Types of presentation

Oral paper

3 or more papers will be given together with other related talks in parallel sessions. The slots will be assigned by the programme committee.

Duration: 20 minutes plus 10 min. Q&A
Submission as: contribution (oral paper)

*Some contributors whose paper submission is unsucessful may be offered space in the shorter oral presentation session.  

Short oral presentation

Short presentations of max. 7 minutes that briefly introduce the presenter’s work to potentially interested audiences for later follow-up. Questions will be taken only if time remains in the 7-minute slot. The slots will be assigned by the programme committee.

Duration: 7 minutes including Q&A
Submission as: Contribution (short oral presentation)


Panel / Symposium Session

If you would like to present an entire thematic session, which comprises several individual talks (max. 5), you may submit for a panel / symposium session. The session may be structured around linked papers and discussion, or involve other activities and formats (e.g. debate, workshop, panel Q&A, film plus discussion). Submitting author should indicate the theme, overall abstract, names of other presenters and Chair.

Duration: 90 minutes 
Submission as: Session (Panel/Symposium presentation)


Workshops (WCB only)

Workshops comprise of half-day meetings around a topic among a small group of participants (15 – 25 persons). If researchers or organizations wish to organize workshops during the WCB, they are welcome to do so. Please note that we only have a limited number of space for workshops. All workshop organizers and participants must register for the World Congress.

Duration: 90 -180 minutes
Submission as: Contribution (Workshop)



30.09.2021 EXTENDED Submission deadline for WCB abstracts
30.09.2021 Submission deadline for FAB abstracts
25.11.2021 Confirmation of acceptance/rejection
18.03.2021 Publication of detailed programme on the event website
17.07.2022 Submission deadline for presentations, PDF's with voice-over
23.07.2022 Publication of content on event platform


Guidelines for submission

Submitting individual contributions

Oral papers and short oral presentations

  • Abstracts must not exceed 250 words. 
  • Please structure your abstract as follows: Introduction | Methods | Outcome | Conclusion (where possible).
  • Select from the drop-down menu the topic that fits the subject area of your submission (Info for WCB: if you are unsure which topic best fits your abstract, please consult the sub-topic list that is available on the website).
  • To ensure the best possible presentation of your abstract when it is published, please avoid any unnecessary formatting.
  • Please check all information thoroughly before submitting, as all information will be published as given.


When submitting a Workshop, please include the following information:

  • Title
  • Summary of the workshop (not exceeding 1000 words)
  • Name of workshop organizers
  • Estimated number of participants, time period preferred (between 90-180 minutes). Please include this information at the end of your abstract.

Submitting sessions (panel / symposium)

When submitting a session, please include the following information:

  • Title (of the session)
  • General summary of the panel (not exceeding 1000 words)
  • Name of Chair (Main chair, Co-chairs are optional)
  • Names of all presenters (at least 1 presenter per individual talk)
  • Titles of individual presentations (a maximum of 5 individual talks may be submitted per session)
  • Abstracts for individual talks (250 words) that are included in the session


  • Contributions will be anonymised before being evaluated by the reviewer group appointed by the scientific programme committee.
  • Each contribution will be evaluated separately by at least two reviewers.
  • The scientific programme committee will select contributions for acceptance in a final round of evaluation based on the expert evaluations. The decisions are final.


Submitted contributions will be used for: 

  • Online evaluation
  • The committee’s selection meeting
  • Publication of the abstract on the event website upon acceptance
  • Publication of the accepted abstracts in congress event program


It is required that at least one person per accepted abstract (i.e. the presenting author) registers for the congress. Naturally co-authors and other researchers are welcome to register and participate in the congress. We require registration of the presenting author to ensure that paper/presentation slots given to accepted abstracts are used and to avoid no-shows since many abstracts will be rejected due to space reasons.
As noted on our congress information, both the WCB and the FAB will take place as a hybrid congress. By this, we mean that the congresses will occur in-person in Basel (like we were used to before Covid-19). At the same time, there will be a parallel virtual congress. That is, all accepted oral paper/presentations and parallel/symposium sessions will appear in its entirety as a PDF presentation with voice-over on our congress website. Presenting authors will receive information about this online component closer to the congress date. Furthermore, there will be several hours of live-sessions during both FAB and WCB that every participant (in-person or virtual) can enjoy simultaneously.