Information for presenters

FAB and WCB congresses are held in a hybrid format.
That means that each day we will have streamed live sessions in the plenary room. (Room 001 for FAB and Room Aula for WCB)
Furthermore, some of the parallel sessions will be given virtually in Zoom others are being presented in person in Basel. All virtually held sessions are marked in the congress planner (the online congress program).

You indicated during your registration if you are coming to Basel in person or if you will present virtually. Please inform us, if your participation changed by writing an email to






Presentation times

Oral presentations

3 or more papers will be given together with other related talks in one parallel session.
15 minutes’ presentation time for each presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion time for the entire papers within a session.

Short oral presentations

These sessions include 7 – 10 short presentations per session. Each presenter will have 7 minutes for their paper, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A.

Panel / Symposium sessions

A thematic session with up to 5 individual talks.
90 minutes in total. The organizing person can structure the session as they like.

Workshop (WCB only)

Workshop time upon indication in congress planner (90 minutes)


In person presentation in Basel

If you indicated that you will attend in person in Basel, you can find the room where you are supposed to present in the congress planner.

  • Please prepare a Powerpoint Presentation in format 16:9 and bring your presentation on a mobile device (USB-Stick) to the presentation room directly. Please note, that a presentation with your own laptop is not possible.
  • All slides must be prepared in English. Presentation language is also English. Your presentation should not exceed 15 minutes’ time for Oral papers and 7 minutes for Short oral presentations.
  • There will be a Session Chair (for the oral papers and short oral presentation) / a technical support staff (for symposium/panel session) in each room to help you install your presentation and lead the session in the case of oral papers and short oral presentations. Symposium/Panels will be led by the chair named at the time of abstract submission. Please, arrive at the assigned room at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session to allow the time to the Session Chair to set up the presentations.
  • All parallel session rooms are equipped with a Laptop, screen, beamer, microphones and loudspeaker.
  • Please note that all presentations will be streamed in Zoom for our virtual participants. The Session Chair/Technical support staff in the room is responsible to set everything up and check that the stream is working.
  • We will not record any of the parallel sessions (oral papers, short presentations, symposiums) or workshops

Virtual presentation

If you indicated that you will attend virtually, you are presenting from your office/from home. We will send you a Zoom link to give your presentation.

General Requirements:

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection (Ideally you are connected with a LAN cable and not WLAN)
  • Use the latest version of Zoom (Open your Zoom App and search for Updates)
  • Use a headset for a better voice quality (your cell phone headset is already sufficient).
  • Place a light source (window or lamp) in front of your PC/Laptop, the way that soft light shines on your face


  • Please prepare a Powerpoint Presentation in format 16:9 and share your presentation in Zoom.
  • As a backup you can send your presentation to the Session Chaire before the conference starts (Deadline July 14)
  • All slides must be prepared in English. Presentation language is also English.
  • There will be a Session Chair (for oral papers and short paper presentations) / technical support staff (for Symposium/panel sessions) in your Zoom session that will help you install your presentations and subsequently lead the session in the case of oral and short presentations. The virtual panels will be led by the Chair named at the time of abstract submission.
  • Please, make sure to enter the ZOOM meeting five minutes before the beginning of the session to allow the host to check the quality of the presenters’ connection and setting.
  • Participants will also join via Zoom. Questions should be asked via Chat-Function or raising the hand.
  • We will not record any of the Zoom presentations.

Recordings & On Demand Presentations

All short presentations, oral paper presentations, and symposium/panel authors must submit their presentation so that we can make it possible for participants to learn about your paper after the congresses (FAB & WCB). In light of the many parallel sessions and the hybrid nature of our congress, this is an additional offer that we find useful for all participants and the presenters.

We therefore ask all presenters to prepare and submit a PDF with voiceover or a video with a summary of the important points of your presentation. These Videos will be available on demand for 1 month after the congresses.

Length & Size

  • The presentations should not exceed 60 MB
  • Oral presentations: max. 15 min.
  • Short oral presentation: max. 7 minutes
  • Panels/Symposiums: per presentation max. 15 min., if you like you can also submit a one slide introduction to the panel that should not exceed 3 minutes. 
  • Workshops: recording is not required, if you would like to submit a summary please do not exceed 15 min.


Please Upload your presentation until July 14th 2022 using the upload link which you have received via e-mail.

Upload formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, PDF with voiceover

File name: 
WCB22_Abstract ID_Name_Short title
FAB22_Abstract ID_Name_Short title

Upload-Link Topic 1: Bioethics and Covid-19:

Upload-Link Topic 2: Increasing responsibility: Challenges for global bioethics

Upload-Link Topic 3: Making it explicit: The impact of new technologies:

Upload-Link Topic 4: Whose responsibility? Individual and public obligations

Upload-Link Topic 5: Beyond transparency: rethinking boundaries in bioethics

Upload-Link Topic 6: Other

Upload-Link FAB22 – Feminist Approaches to Bioethics